Sunday, June 08, 2008

Match Point

After winning the grueling second set 7-5, I was wiping my and plotting my next move to defeat my opponent in straight sets, a burst of cool breeze swept across the Tennis court providing much needed relief from burning Sun. After having a definitive plan I stepped into the court and turned to the ball boys to collect couple of balls to serve. I thought of starting this set with a Ace, after a brief analysis of the line of serve I got ready and suddenly I heard a cat meow. Surprised I turned around and saw a white cat walking at the sidelines approaching towards me. I tried to scare it away but it kept its path unhindered, and couple of seconds later the cat jumped on me. With a sudden shock I woke up and sat on my bed sweating under the effect of AC! I looked around to calm myself and found myself staring at the same cat standing outside the balcony door. Probably this time the cat got scared seeing my petrified state and ran away. It was my neighbour's cat that had sneaked onto my balcony. I quietly tip-toed to the balcony door made sure that the door was properly locked, drank some water and returned to bed. Then something shiny caught my eyes, it was my new Tennis racquet which I bought earlier in the day, shining under the influence of the Moon light pouring in from the glass door. I laid on bed thinking about my first attempt at playing Tennis.

The new apartment that I moved in recently has Tennis courts, so me and my friend decided to get a Tennis racquet for me, so that we both can play tennis during the weekends. We planned a visit to Wal Mart to buy one. After searching through the all the available options we narrowed down to Prince Rage Racquet. It was designed for beginners like me. So we decided to go with this. We also bought Willson tennis balls, well this is not the "Willson" that accompanied Tom Hanks
in Cast Away, but from the same manufacturer. The first thing after returning from Wal Mart was to run and catch a free tennis court! Both of us rushed to our room, changed and
ran to the Tennis court. Now armed with a newly purchased racquet and tennis ball I was ready to serve. Like the pros shown on TV, I swirled the racquet, bounced the ball twice on the ground, adjusted the my T-Shirt... and threw the ball in the
air and Bang! I smashed the ball to complete my first ever Serve in Tennis. Well till I threw the ball in the air everything looked like a total pro, but the only difference came after I hit the ball, instead of serving it to my friend I
served it to the guy in the adjacent court! That guy was confused about which ball to hit and all he could manage was a shocked look on his face and to dodge both the balls.

New Tennis Raquet - $15.88

New set of Tennis balls - $2.47

Shocking the guy in the adjacent court with your serve - Priceless!

I quickly apologized to that guy, probably he understood that am a total novice with Tennis and said nothing and just nodded his head. Now that I had discovered that I have a very good serve we decided not to mimic the pros and get on with the play like non pros. We played for about an hour before both of us were totally exhausted.